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Top 10 European countries and cities selling the cheapest beer

The top 10 European countries and cities with the cheapest beer prices have been unveiled and the results will surprise you.
As the price of a pint of beer continues to rise in the UK, people looking for cheaper pints of beer might want to set their sights on Europe. Here are the top 10 European countries and cities with the cheapest beer prices.

If you’re looking for a cheaper than average pint, then head to Belarus (£0.71), Ukraine (£0.90), and Azerbaijan (£0.91) which have the lowest beer prices across the continent. According to data, unveiled by personal finance experts at who looked into Numbeo’s Cost of Living database, the cheapest countries in Europe to order a pint of beer .

1.       Belarus (£0.71)

2.       Ukraine  (£0.90)

3.       Azerbaijan (£0.91)

4.       Moldova (£1.05)

5.       Albania (£1.07)

6.       North Macedonia (£1.24)

7.       Kosovo [Disputed Territory] (£1.28)

8.       Bosnia And Herzegovina (£1.29)

9.       Bulgaria (£1.31)

10.    Hungary (£1.31)

At the other end of the scale, the findings revealed that Norway (£7.55), Iceland (£7.35) and Denmark (£5.72) were by far the most expensive:

1.       Norway (£7.55)

2.       Iceland (£7.35)

3.       Denmark (£5.72)

4.       Sweden (£5.67)

5.       France (£5.10)

6.       Finland (£5.10)

7.       Switzerland (£4.90)

8.       Netherlands (£4.25)

9.       Italy (£4.25)

10.    Ireland (£4.25)

As well as analysing country-specific data, the experts also unearthed city-level data for Europe and the UK to find both the cheapest and most expensive cities per European country.

Country Cheapest city for beer Restaurant Domestic Beer (0.5 litre draught) Most expensive city for beer Restaurant Domestic Beer (0.5 litre draught)
Austria Innsbruck £3.23 Linz £3.50
Belgium Antwerp £3.41 Brussels £4.10
Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka £0.87 Sarajevo £1.53
Bulgaria Plovdiv £1.09 Varna / Sofia £1.31
Croatia Osijek £1.59 Dubrovnik £2.84
Czech Republic Ostrava £1.21 Prague £1.72
Denmark Odense £5.62 Arhus £6.31
Estonia Tartu £3.20 Tallinn £3.83
Finland Oulu £4.91 Espoo £6.83
France Grenoble £4.27 Nice £6.81
Germany Augsburg £2.65 Dusseldorf £3.97
Greece Heraklion £2.56 Athens / Thessaloniki £3.40
Hungary Szeged £0.87 Budapest £1.47
Ireland Limerick £4.27 Dublin £5.10
Italy Bari £2.56 Milan £5.12
Lithuania Klaipeda £2.56 Vilnius £2.98
Malta Valletta £2.56 Sliema £3.41
Netherlands Utrecht £3.83 Enschede £5.12
Norway Stavanger £7.59 Bergen £8.45
Poland Lublin £1.49 Warsaw £2.23
Portugal Coimbra £1.28 Faro £2.35
Romania Constanta £1.04 Cluj-Napoca £1.55
Russia Rostov-na-donu £0.88 Kazan £2.62
Serbia Nis £1.09 Belgrade £1.36
Slovakia Kosice £1.53 Bratislava £1.71
Slovenia Maribor £2.13 Ljubljana £2.55
Spain Santa Cruz de Tenerife / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria £1.70 Alicante £2.56
Sweden Gothenburg £4.87 Uppsala £5.71
Switzerland Zug £4.14 Lausanne £6.55
UK Aberdeen £3.23 London £6.00
Ukraine Odessa £0.81 Lviv £1.28

However, Albania, Belarus, Iceland, Jersey, Kosovo, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia were not included due to limited city-level data.

Andrea Knowles, personal finance expert from said: “With the rising cost of living, it’s fair to say that lots of us are feeling the pinch. The price of everything seems to keep going up and up, and this includes your favourite tipple – and this seems to be the case whether you are visiting your local pub or looking for a refreshment whilst on holiday.”

Knowles added: “Whilst not all of these locations will be top of the list for holidaymakers this year, our analysis does well to show overall where holidaymakers can get the most bang for their buck when it comes to beer prices around the continent”.

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